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•Surreal technology-driven scripts

(think Her, Arrival, Black Mirror)

•Intense mid-western dramas

(think Winter’s Bone, Field of Dreams)

•Strong female leads

(think Let the Right One In, Spirited Away)


Feature Film Scripts

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 11.59.24

"Singularity in Love"

A feature about the first AI to have been convicted of  committing murder but who is actually the first AI to fall in love with a human.

Currently being written on spec with Lisanne Sartor for  Xing Xing Digital Corporation based in Beijing, China


Screencraft Finalist 2017 (as a short)

"No Coffee?" 

A disaster satire that addresses climate change in the most concrete example possible: What happens when we wake up and there is no more coffee?



A selection for the 2019 Portland Comedy Festival

"When the Whale Comes"

When a 70 year old hoarder becomes friends with a 14 year old dope dealer they surmount hauntings, violence, and lies to conquer their own personal demons.


Shore Scripts Feature Contest (2018)

The Writers Lab US (2019)

ScreenCraft Drama Competition Quarterfinalist (2022)

CineStory Feature Retreat and Fellowship (2022)

Stowe Story Labs Programs and Fellowships Application (2022)

WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Lab Quarterfinalist (Spring 2022)

 Launch Pad Feature Competition (10th Annual)Top 100 (2023)

"Alanine World"

A mother  loses her daughter within an anime world and  must overcome her racist ideas against the Japanese to rescue her.


ScreenCraft Animation Competition Quarterfinalist (2020)


Based on a true story, Bertha Benz steals her husband’s automobile and sets out in 1888 on the first ever road trip.



"It's Boy!"

In 2015, British scientists discovered a way to turn female bone marrow into sperm, allowing women to reproduce without the need of male companionship. Based on this new research, this pilot explores an all-female world a thousand years in the future and what occurs when a boy is born.


Runner up at Wise Words, Roadmap Writers, 2017


In a world where water defines class, a young girl from a water desert is forced to befriend a girl who is being raised to be sold to the highest bidder.

Also written as a Young Adult novel which has received a potential option.


ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition (2020) Quarterfinalist

Writing Climate: Pitchfest for Film and TV Semi-Finalist (2022)

Athena Film Festival Virtual Writers Lab Selection (2022)


Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 11.59.24

"Singularity in Love"

What happens when an artificial intelligence is better than humans at love, the most human emotion of all?


Awards (as a short)

Runner up at the Citizen Jane Film Festival 2017

One of fifty finalists, Screencraft 2018

ScreenCraft Film Fund (Fall 2018) Quarterfinalist


"Tiffany Gets Really Mad"



No one wants to see how mad a girl can really get.


Tiffany is a kid whose life is filled with the usual doldrums of middle school when incrementally, these small irritations pile up and she explodes in a brilliant, vivid, violent, rampage. She destroys almost everything, including her own life, before she realizes that  life is a precious thing and that no matter how awful things get, there’s always a way out.

A collaboration with composer, Richard Jennings.


Finalist for California Women's Film Festival



During the COVID pandemic, an American teenager struggles in her relationship with her mom and living in a foreign country, while being haunted by a ghost who died of the Spanish Flu.

A short film written by Pamela Winfrey and John Lewis
Shot/Summer 2023
In post


HollyShorts Screenwriting Competition (2021)Quarterfinalist

Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition (2022)Quarterfinalist

Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition (Fall 2021)Finalist


"The Last Horse"
When a grieving father decides to kill his dead daughter’s beloved horse, she haunts him, determined to prevent him from such a brutal act.

(produced and wrote)

"The Ride Out" (w/ Terry Selucky)

When a Black cowboy dies, he  has a vision of those who have gone before  him.

(produced and wrote)

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